Domain Control Panel announcement and launch!
Date:25.02.2008 14:47:35
Author:Vin Johns
Great news! We are announcing that our development team has successfully finished the long-awaited Domain Control Panel. All existing clients along with all new customers that have domain services will experience the advantage to manage their domains via the Domain Control Panel. Its functionality allows:

- Full DNS control - Domain's NS (this is the record showing where the domain name is pointed) can now be updated any time within a click of the mouse.

- Full WHOIS control - Domain's WHOIS (this is the domain's contact information available for the general public) can now be changed whenever you need to.

- Domain locking control - For your domain's security there is an option to lock/unlock a domain name that prevents a domain name from unauthorized transfer theft.

- EPP key control - This is the key for domain transfer. Only inside the Domain Control Panel you can obtain an EPP key to transfer a domain name.

- Multiple domains sub accounts - The Domain Control Panel has the incredible functionality to separate domain names in different single domain accounts.

- Add-on domain registration/transfer - From inside the Domain Control Panel you can register new domain names or purchase domain transfer to us.

- Advanced domain order management - If you have multiple domain orders, you can follow up every order based on its status.

- 24/7/365 Help Center - From inside the Domain Control Panel you can contact our Customer Support Team if you have any inquiries.

Domain Name Control Panel will be launched between 25 - 29 February, 2008. Any comments on the new advanced Control Panel are welcome. We hope you will enjoy it!
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